Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Father's Day Poem

This was a poem I wrote for my dad on Father's Day. Enjoy!

He stands like a tree in a forest
One branch is honesty
One branch is integrity
One branch is bravery
He stands like a tree in a forest

The trees around him sway and part from roots
He stands firm in family
He stands firm in his goodwill towards others
He stands firm in friendship
He stands like a tree in a forest

The other trees focus on frivolous endeavors
He stands with his partner in life
He stands with his laborers
He stands with his children
He stands like a tree in a forest

The other trees do not water their offspring enough
His offspring thrive because they know they are supported by his roots
His offspring remember the branches that hold others up
His offspring love the strong tree with roots
He stands like a tree in a forest

The tree with roots stands forever
His life partner holds him up
His children hold him up
He stands like a tree in a forest

To all the dads out there, keep an being men we can look up to!  Dad, I love you so much. 


Friday, May 31, 2019

3 Good Things

I'm doing physical therapy and this baby is crying. This is a familiar scene at Easter Seals as it is a pediatric therapy center. It's familiar until the little baby is walking towards me. I mean this kid is coming for me with a fierce determination. I'm sitting on a mat table and she is standing there crying. So, I start rubbing her back. Her nanny comes over and asks if she can sit down with her. Of course! My physical therapist is surrendering to the fact that we're not going to stretch until this little girl has had her fill of me.  This baby will not stop wanting to be close to me. It was one of the most tender things. Unfortunately, the little girl would not stop crying and the nanny had to take her outside. I did not know this baby but she sure made a bee line for me. 

My roommate's graduation was yesterday; she graduated from Elmhurst College. I was a very proud friend. It was nostalgic to think I graduated 7 years ago with a bachelor's degree and I will have my master's in a year. 

I've had so much drama with my assistants that I elected to come home for a night. I was mentally and physically exhausted from people quitting and having to train new people. I got some TLC. 

What are three good things that happened to you? 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Simple Update

Nothing quite measures up to the adventure I had last month. I'm quite glad! 

I am unfortunately having to hire a new main caregiver. Stacia who was in a car accident last summer; her injuries are catching up with her and it's a much better situation if she works one day a week rather than five. This is difficult but I can see it's for the best. 
I did get an internship at Misericordia. I'll be doing ministry and advocacy. This will start in the fall. I'm really excited. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity. I wish I knew more but I got the internship this week. There will be more updates to come. 

I'm done with the semester. I'll take a course over the summer, take two classes in the fall, and then have my internship in the spring on a full-time basis. Next spring, I will write a thirty page paper which will explain how my education and internship intersect. It's a big project but it will be broken up into small assignments. It's ridiculous to think I will have my master's degree at this time next year. Time flies!

I really do hope and pray that all of you are well. For all of you in Chicago, the weather will get better. I'm ready for 70 degrees and sunny! 

Love and Peace, 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

There Are More Planes Than Wheelchairs

Ready to fight the good fight!
We had completed another successful trip to D.C. I had my entire family with me which was such a blessing and so much fun.

The fun ended with the plane ride back. We had protected my wheelchair as best we could. We get on the plane, we settle in, and a flight attendant gets my dad and tells him they cannot get my wheelchair into the belly of the plane. This is not his first rodeo. He walks down with a crew member and Mom and I are waiting for dad to come back. When he came back, Dad tells us my wheelchair broke the plane. Even for the Thompson family, this is a new experience. Dad says, "I think your wheelchair is broken because the back looked too far forward". This is a brand-new wheelchair. Both Dad and I had agreed the old wheelchair would break if I we took it on one more flight. Of course, Mom is saying we are idiots for bringing the new wheelchair. No, we should be able to trust a new wheelchair. I looked Mom in the eyes and said, "the three of us should be able to trust a new wheelchair". We were working ourselves up over something we had no control over. All of us did our best to relax after that.

Clearly, I wasn't too worried about the plane. There are millions of planes but only one wheelchair. OK, my old wheelchair was waiting at home, but you get the point. We had to wait two hours to have the plane get approved for takeoff. Other passengers were quite aware of the reason why. Most people were kind while others expressed their annoyance. If I had driven on the plane, broken the plane on purpose, you would have a right to get mad. That did not happen. The crew is so incredibly ignorant about how to handle wheelchairs; it makes me angry. I really felt like getting on the intercom and saying this is life with a disability; all of you can deal with it for two hours. Nobody was unkind to me, they directed it at my parents. I hate that because if you can't express yourself to my face then don't say it to anyone affiliated with me.

I was extremely anxious about seeing my wheelchair; it had been five hours of nerves. Dad and I were walking off the jet way and we fall flat on our faces. I mean flat on our faces! This is the crew's worst nightmare. Dad and I get up and I need a minute to collect myself. I really fell hard. I was okay but definitely shaken up. Mom was in front of us, so Dad had to tell her we fell. She checks us both out and my nose is definitely bruised but we were okay.

Before any of this happened and we were boarding the plane, I made a split-second decision. I had lowered the back of my wheelchair. Call it gut instinct, woman's intuition, I just made my wheelchair as small as possible. I will say it looks very broken in this position. Guess what? My instinct paid off. The wheelchair was fine! Dad just asked me to tell him next time that I made the chair look broken. Mom said they would have broken the chair if I hadn't decided to do that. I really am incredibly grateful that the wheelchair wasn't broken. As for the plane, I don't know but there are more planes than wheelchairs.

If you are traveling, safe travels and remember to be kind.


A Father's Day Poem

This was a poem I wrote for my dad on Father's Day. Enjoy!                                                                        ...