Friday, January 31, 2014

The Dress

“You know, Tif, don't put the dress in the suitcase. If you would please carry it and hang it in the car, that would be great. Thanks!”

Tiffany and I were headed to a River North Business Association winter party to celebrate the holidays. It was at Cuvee, a contemporary and elegant restaurant. We were also going to stay the night at a nearby hotel. Tiffany wanted to get dressed at the hotel; it would make her life easier so I figured, “why not”? We packed my shoes, the correct orthotics to go with the shoes, pantyhose, an outfit for the next day, my medicine, and of course, makeup. We were ready for an amazing night of getting people to tweet about the organization's events. 

We drove to the city without much traffic. We got to the hotel and settled in. Tiffany glances around the room and sheepishly said, "I don't think I grabbed the dress”. “Sweetie, call valet and see; I'm sure it's in the car.” Tiffany called valet and five minutes later, we find out that we left the dress on a kitchen chair. Tif called Tommy, her boyfriend that I am actually quite fond of and he would bring the dress. However, he was essentially too far away to come in time. My idea was to run to the nearest mall and find something on sale. We asked the concierge where the nearest mall was. If we walked, it would be 10 minutes.  

It was drizzly and freezing cold but I refused to waste time getting angry with Tiffany. She and I have done and been through some things that I can't even fathom telling other people because you had to be there. So, I am ramming it down Grand Avenue and over the State Street Bridge. Picture that! 

We finally get to our natural habitat, the mall. The only appropriate store was Anthropologie. We flew to the sales rack (bless after Christmas sales), and frantically started looking for a dress. The dress code was wedding attire. I had brown shoes so as every fashionista would know only dark neutrals were acceptable. I happened to find a dark red, A line dress that shimmered. It was exactly what I needed. Originally, it was $150; I got it for $48.00!  Steal! 

We run to the hotel and Tiffany gets me dressed, gets herself dressed, my make up done, and finally her makeup done. We were off! We had done all that in an hour. We still don't know how. 

I looked up towards heaven and mouthed "thank you". It was meant for my Aunt Diane. She died before my parents met. I wish I had gotten to meet my mom's sister. However, I know she is up there watching me and is my guardian angel. My guardian, that is a big job! 

The party was phenomenal and everyone complimented my dress. After every compliment, Tiffany and I would share a knowing glance. 

I was in the ER the night before for stomach pain. Mom and the whole family were going to University of Kentucky so we had to go to the hospital to make sure it wasn't appendicitis, a kidney stone, or an ovarian cyst. This was on my dad's birthday so I felt awful. Mom had super powers and packed the four of them for Kentucky after a 9 hour ER visit. I don't know how the woman does it! 

My 2014 has started out with a BANG! 

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