Saturday, August 31, 2013

When the Crazy Guys are Scared

Before I begin, I have some sad news. Kim, my assistant of six years decided to give her notice. It's terribly sad. As for the reason, there were many piling up over the past six months. She moved 45 minutes away, had an incredibly difficult commute, she was far away from her two boys, it got stressful, and the stress got to both of us. I'm very sad, but we ended on really good terms. I wish Kim nothing but happiness and I hold her in the highest regard. The good that came of this is that Tiffany, who took me to Minnesota, is now doing Monday through Friday. This allowed for another assistant, Aubry, to get her hours in so she didn't have to quit. Melissa, my roommate is working with me on weekends which we both love. We do need another assistant, I’m interviewing; it’s a slow process this time but I know somebody will make my team complete again.

I finally get to tell you about Mexico! I got to live out a dream which is always amazing! I got to go parasailing and scare Mom and Dad to death. It was a blast! The crazy guys who offered my seventeen year old brother a cigar were even scared for me. I wasn't scared; I was fearless.

We took jet skis to the boat. David and Dad somehow lifted me in the boat. I’m still not sure how we got in but we did. We got strapped in our harnesses and literally were flying in seconds! It was so peaceful and serene. David kept saying "are you OK?" This was because I was completely vertical because I couldn't stay sitting. I really was fine. I almost felt better vertical because it proved I really couldn’t possibly fall. It was funny because David and Genevieve could tell I was fine and came to the same conclusion of vertical being better for me. I had so much fun talking to them up in the sky.

 However, the guys who did the parasailing and my parents were scared of me hurting my legs so they brought me down early. I was so mad in did not want to stop. My mother and I almost had a fight as they unhooked me but then I realized I got to parasail which was my dream. Mom was so incredibly terrified but we had a blast! When the crazy guys in the boat are scared, I know I'm living!

David and Genevieve will be the ones saying yes to these adventures in the future. My parents have let them know throughout the years that their big sister can do anything. If I have scared someone during my day, it’s great, because that means I’m living! I scared people when I was on speech team, I scared people when I volunteered to tutor inner city kids during high school, I terrified you all by going to college (that was fun), I scared you when I joined Phi Mu, if I am scaring you, I’m going to have a blast and really live!

I genuinely love that I have a family that encourages me to push the envelope and absolutely shatter people’s expectations of me. It makes for a fun life!

In other news, David made captain of the football team and was player of the week in the local newspaper. Genevieve started high school. I was really nervous all day for her but she loves it. Thank God! Julie is doing great for her condition! I’m over at her house (NOT hospital room) a lot. I’ll bring my Starbucks and we’ll chat. It’s wonderful! Keep the prayers and good vibes sent her way!

My new roommate, Melissa, is really fun! She is willing to go the extra mile which makes all the difference for me. She gladly took weekend shifts and really stepped up when I needed someone. All my assistants have acknowledged that we are understaffed and have stepped up. Even some former assistants have pitched in and that feels great to know that I have an incredible support system.

I feel so blessed to have found people who understand that at the end of the day, I want my independence and I want to be happy. I want to scare people and make people question their limitations. I love life and am so grateful for this blog and the people who read it. It’s been twelve months of living my dream and I couldn’t be happier.

Just waiting to scare you next,

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