Thursday, October 31, 2013

There's No Wrong Way to Eat a Reese's

Tiffany and I had just got home from my monthly work meeting. It had been a good meeting, Sharon, my boss had passed out Reese’s and everybody was doing well personally and professionally. Tiffany put the Reese’s in my laptop bag before we went to battle with rush hour traffic. I wasn't that stressed because of work; I love what I do and who I do it with. I was stressed because I had a conference to speak at. It was the first speaking engagement I had to travel for including an overnight stay at a hotel. 

When Tiffany dropped me off, my mind was spinning! I had to pack, look over my power point, print cue cards for Tiffany, a lot to do in one night. Tiffany had to leave right away to pick up her contact lenses. While I waited for Mo, my next assistant coming, I could start looking at the power point. As soon as I rolled into my room, I realized my computer was on the back of my chair. So, I try turning on the TV, I can't do that because I can't work the remote. I can't do anything! My other assistant was stuck in the same traffic as I was twenty minutes ago. I looked at my closet and suitcase with pure, unadulterated anger. My assistant, Mo was on her way but I was beyond frustrated that I couldn't do anything. I honestly was not frustrated with Mo; she can't help how heavy traffic is. So, I just sat there waiting for my arms and legs to walk through the door. My black and pink suitcase sat there mocking me, reminding me of what I couldn't do. Anger diffused throughout my body and wanted to go to my eyes. I would not cry. Eventually, Mo walked through the door. I love Mo so I can’t start saying, “we need to pack”, “you need to help me with my computer”, and all the things I want to ask her to do for me. Instead, I ask how she is, how her day has been, and then I ask her to get me in comfy clothes. After she gets me in yoga pants and my favorite sweatshirt, I begin to feel better.

I know myself very well-well enough to know that I am like my father and seriously need to eat before I can begin to calm down. After dinner, we start to pack and Mo goes to the library to print cue cards for Tiffany so she knows when to change slides on my power point. We put them in the suitcase. I thank Mo for this and also for putting up with how stressed I am. Mo, or Monetta has been my assistant for a year now and I love her immensely. It's constantly a two way street with my assistants. I have to remember that they are only human and they have to consider that they truly are my hands and legs. It's a hard job on both ends.

Tiffany and I are setting up for my presentation. "Tif, where are the cue cards"? "In the suitcase". I shot her an "are you kidding me look". Tif mentions, "On the bright side, we do have Reese’s from your work meeting". I give her a smile and explain that I will tap her every time the power point slides need to be changed. After that, I was Hannah, the competent and poised speaker.

Life almost never goes as planned; when it doesn’t, remember, there is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.



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