Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little Girl's Love of Christmas

There once was a little girl who loved Christmas and everything about it. She loved sitting on Santa's lap, she loved her Christmas dresses, she loved eating Christmas cookies her Nana would sneak her, but she especially loved her mother's Christmas party. It seemed like everyone she loved came on one night to be merry and celebrate. The little girl always felt a warm glow inside of her as she looked at her mother's decorations and everyone with smiles on their faces. At the first few parties, she would be on everybody's hip and then to bed. As the little girl grew up, she would show off her pink wheelchair to all the guests. Later, she would tell them about school and how much she loved it. A few years later, the girl went off to college and would come home just in time for the Christmas party. The spirit of the party never changed and the little girl loved that it never changed. One year, the little girl who was not so little anymore found herself in an apartment and of course thought to herself, "Why not have my own Christmas party"? It was a splendid idea indeed! She wrote to all her friends of this party. They loved this idea! She went out and bought party decorations in the theme of red and white snowmen. She got food and drink that she knew her guests would love because of all the years watching her mother. The day finally arrived and she was so excited! She had eleven guests at her party and they all were filled with Christmas cheer. The party had gone tremendously. The little girl realized that the greatest gift her mother gave her throughout her life was the party because it gave the girl her first Christmas tradition.

As you have probably guessed, the little girl is me. I love my mother's Christmas party and always knew that I would have one in my first apartment. It was really wonderful and definitely will happen every year.
In addition to the Christmas party, I did send out over 100 Christmas cards. I'm not joking. Between my friends from the summer retreat, my Camp Courage friends, family, people like family, and neighbors, it totaled roughly 120. It was a huge undertaking but I loved it! Of course, decorating my apartment was also fun.

Now that Christmas is over, I am bummed and a bit crabby (sorry, Mom and Dad). I just HATE when the merriment is over. I am going to Minnesota tomorrow so I can't be that bummed out. I get to see my godson, cousins, Nana, my aunt and uncle, and actually some friends from Camp so I feel incredibly blessed.

I hope you had a wonderful Chanukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa. I have learned this Christmas that I may be a woman but I will always have a little girl's love of Christmas.  

I wish you nothing but joy in the New Year!

Love and Merriment,

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