Sunday, March 31, 2013

David and Genevieve

I love being a big sister...I really do.

Genevieve, my little sister got confirmed this month. She and I sat next to each other as she became an adult in the Catholic Church. I saw her profile as the bishop gave a great homily. I thought about when I held her on the day she was born. If you watch our home videos, Mom asks me if Genevieve is better than an American Girl doll, my eyes said it all that day. I realized it was almost time to talk to the bishop. I tried to calm her nerves by lighthearted chatter but I was too nervous. I wanted everything to be perfect for Genevieve. The bishop came to us. I held her hand and she explained why she chose St. Mary. I didn't remember a thing afterwards because I was so nervous for her. I gave Mom the infamous thumbs up meaning we can all breathe.

How did that infant become a mature, sophisticated, multi faceted individual? I ask her for help now; she is such a great sister. Genevieve started an after school program for students with special needs. It's such a great idea and I am so very proud of her for really doing it. She didn't just talk about doing it; she DID what she wanted to. I have incredible respect for her not because she's my beautiful sister but because she saw a need and filled it.

I know David is this amazing athlete. I realized it when Dad said "I never thought my son would have the choice of being a college athlete". I may not understand the rules of baseball but I know that is HUGE. He will be making big decisions this next year. I know he will look to Mom and Dad a lot as he should but I hope he glances my way for guidance once in a while. He is such a great kid. He helped me get on roller coasters at Mall of America. He grabs me and just has fun with his big sister. I hope colleges see that side of David too. To me, that is the best part of David and Genevieve...they really don't see the Cerebral Palsy. They just see their sister (sometimes their annoying older sister)...hey, I didn't say I was the perfect older sister.

I know you're all curious about my best friend, Julie. As I am typing this, she is at her lake house. She is still on oxygen and waiting for lungs. She went in the hospital for a blood clot in her shoulder area then dehydration two weeks later. This girl can't catch a break! Actually, I've been reassured by her mother that these two hospitalizations are speed bumps. These are just battles. The war will be the transplant. As for the lungs, we just wait and wait. And wait some more.

As for me, I've been having yet more stomach pain. Yes, pain in the same place but for different reasons. I've gotten sick, went home twice, it's been such a mess! We're very close to the answer and if it is what we think it is, it's pretty easy to treat. If I have learned anything from Julie, it’s to have a positive attitude. It's hard because I'm so uncomfortable some days and I am frustrated but we know it is not anything serious which is so important and a blessing.

It'll be Genevieve's 8th grade graduation in two months. For David, its baseball season...I believe it is his personal favorite. His favorite season may lead him to a college. For today, it's Easter and I got to see them open their Easter eggs just like their first Easters. That is enough joy for me.

Happy Easter,


  1. Hannah we hope your stomach feels better soon! Thank you for sharing. It's so interesting to hear about siblings and how those relationships transcend all else. Sounds like you have an amazing sister and brother!

  2. Jody,
    They are amazing! Thanks for reading!


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