Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Year's Note

I am so proud of myself! For once, I completed my New Year's resolution.

In late January, I noticed that I was going to church every week. I thought to myself, "this is something in my control; I should make it my resolution". I am proud to say that I only missed five weeks.

Clearly, this was a spiritual goal. However, it became much more than that. It became about holding myself accountable to this goal every week. It was making time for that one hour of reflection. It wasn't easy some weekends. I am a busy person and eventually, I had every mass offered that was close by to my apartment in my Google Calendar. I would have to incorporate that one hour into my weekend plans. It was hard at times but extremely rewarding.
For example, after six months, I became a reader at my church. It would not have happened unless I made that year long commitment. I have read at church three times so far and now, my identity is shifting from "woman in the wheelchair" to "Hannah". I am slowly becoming closer to families-especially the kids. I have artwork from two kids from church in my apartment and their just SO cute! I also strengthened a relationship with a professor at Elmhurst College and ended up speaking to her class in September. Making this commitment has made me show my faith in a blunt way. 

A wonderful example happened over the weekend of 4th of July. I had to ask to go to church. I could have excused myself from my commitment and blamed it on a holiday but I held myself accountable. My uncle took me and as always, it was a great time with him.  

The only time I allowed myself to miss church was when I was with my family. I know God understands that my family is my everything. They are who I live for. They are my rocks in the storm of life. So, I had a good excuse for having to put my commitment on hold for a week. 
I will fulfill my commitment to God, myself, and all the good that I have received today. I asked my parents to drive me to mass. It's clearly the end of my formal commitment for 2013. I feel so accomplished. This year has been tough. I've seen Julie in the hospital too many times, I've had significant challenges with the coming and going of assistants, my roommate changed three times, my one of my physical therapists changed. It hasn't been easy. However, as you all know, I did get a job I love, I spoke multiple times, I got to travel to Minnesota with Tiffany, there are too many blessings to count! It was incredibly comforting to know I would have that time in church to pray, reflect, and be unplugged after a week of busyness.

2014 is here! Welcome it with a habit that enriches your life. Don't feel pressured to decide now. If you notice a good habit, keep it up! You never know what could happen! 

Thank you for your loyalty, support, and encouragement in 2013! You have no idea how much you keep me going!

My Sincere Love and Gratitude, 

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