Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Madness

My four assistants are wonderful and I have a roommate that is sweet and dedicated to my safety. I've never had this few assistants so all of us are very close and they have bonded with each other. Due to this closeness, they all can see just how stressed out I get when one of them can't come. Some of them just text each other and get coverage then tell me. Oh, that is the best! I LOVE those conversations! However, sometimes things go so bad that it's pure madness!

I just had spent the weekend at home since Tiffany couldn't come Friday (long story). I was exhausted anyway, so it was a blessing in disguise to go home that weekend. Boy, I'm really glad I went home, I didn't know the curve balls about to be thrown my way.

On Sunday night, Melissa, my roommate said she couldn't stay the night on Thursday. Theresa, my assistant immediately said, "I'll do it". OK. That fire was put out fast. Great! My roommate is a nanny so I totally understood that she couldn't say no. I made a mental note to tell my mom but was far from flustered.

On Tuesday morning, I opened my e-mail and found out that Lupe, my weekend assistant couldn't come. Lupe works all day Saturday and Sunday morning. The reasoning was valid but that didn't stop me from freaking out. Tiffany happened to be on duty at the time and looked at me as  if to say, "this is beyond crazy". Just a few minutes after, I get a text from Melissa saying that she needed more nights off. I am so close to crying. Tif looks at me and says, "don't cry". We called Theresa and her response to all this was "WHAT THE HECK". That did it! That had me laughing so hard! Tiffany and Theresa are trying to work this out but I keep laughing loudly! The truth was so crazy that you had to laugh.

While all of this is going on, we're calling my mom and updating her. We called her the third time and when we were about to hang up, mom said, "Do you think I can finish my Costco shopping without anything else changing"? We honestly didn't know!

Two hours later, the door guy came to fix my automatic door opener. Yes, on top of everything, my automatic door would not work. He was there for a hour and we didn't make progress because he couldn't figure out the problem.

So, Theresa stepped up big time and did all day Saturday and Tiffany did Sunday morning. What inspired me to write about this is that on Tuesday night, I had to go to a work event and put a smile on. Granted, I'm not the only one that does this at work but so many people see the polished, final picture of my day. This blog gives me a chance to depict what goes behind the scenes and sometimes, the utter frustration it is to be independent. In retrospect, this blog is why I choose to laugh instead of cry. It has always been a constant reminder of why I put up with the frustrations of being independent. It's a feeling of knowing that all of you will listen to me, not just hear me. 

The door guy came out Friday. We think we have a huge clue to the problem which is a relief. I did get something validating this week. My business cards from River North Business Association.

Now, this is independence!

All my Love,

P.S. Melissa never ended up needing the nights off.

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