Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dear World,

Nana was tying his gold and blue tie and Mom put on his navy blue gown. David, my little brother was graduating from high school. Yay! To get to wheelchair seating, we had to go through all the graduates which was SO MUCH fun! I was screaming, Genevieve was congratulating them, and it was such an unexpected joyful moment.

Before the ceremony, we were told not to catcall. Yeah right! Genevieve, my little sister and I would SCREAM when David walked across the stage. We did!

After the ceremony, my brother was presented with a memory book. It was filled with letters from loved ones. Genevieve wrote a very touching letter about how he is her role model. As for my letter, well...

Dear World,
My little brother is going out in the world soon. I love him so much so I want a word with you before he meets you.

I remember when he was born. My 6 year old eyes saw her little brother and loved him instantly although his belly button was gross! I rocked him in the cradle sitting in my red chair and loved being a big sister because David had stolen my heart. Fast forward thirteen years later; we are in the golf cart in Spring Green going WAY too fast and with our little sister screaming. Even though it was dangerous, I felt safe with his hand on my shoulder. That is David; he’ll make you feel safe in any situation.

When he was able to bench press at 250, he started taking me on roller coasters! We have a blast! He will put his arm around me and we fly. For the record, he would scream more than me. When he was old enough, Mom and Dad let us go tubing together! It was fun and we went really fast. When we got off the tube, I flew off the tube and we got to see Mom walk on water.

David is ready to take you, the world ON! He is a mixture of sophistication, strength, loyalty, and he is so much fun! He wants the best for everyone around him. He is willing to lend a hand to anyone he meets. David is hands down one of my favorite people in the world. He has never treated me differently because I have a disability. I am so grateful that I have him as a little brother. Nobody else would do! 

As you teach David about all you have to offer, be kind to him. You will challenge him in ways he cannot even fathom. With every challenge, he will rise above the occasion and genuinely impress you. 

You should be anxious to meet him. He’s sure ready to meet you!

With Much Love,

P.S. Every time David gets down, please remind him that I love him more than the moon, the stars, and all the fish in the river!

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