Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Independence to the Max!

I had an incredible week! I was crazy enough to go to Washington D.C. and Minnesota in one week. Crazy, I know! 

Jenn, my primary caregiver and I went to Washington all by ourselves. It went really well. The hardest part is breaking the chair down and duct taping it like crazy! I ride my chair to the jet way. Jenn walks me to my seat in coach and Jenn goes back to prepare the chair for the flight. The back of the seat folds over onto my seat, the seat belt goes over it, my joystick has a plastic cup over it which gets covered in duct tape, and we duct tape the whole joystick to the arm of the chair. It's a show! 

I was nervous about getting to DC and the chair just not working. I wasn't nervous about flying without my parents; I was nervous about the chair breaking and not having my parents there. That would have been an unnecessary challenge. When we landed and Jenn got me out of the plane, I sat in my chair. Would it work? Was everything OK? Would I be able to go to my meeting? I hit the power button, I pushed my joystick; IT WENT FORWARD, backwards, and side to side. JENNIFER DID IT!!! I was so proud of her. I was squealing with relief! I was so independent! Praise the Lord! 

The FCC Disability Advisory Committee meeting went well. I was not nervous; I was excited! I got to vote on plans that the subcommittees proposed. I am on the Relay and Distribution subcommittee and we discuss how to get services for individuals who are deaf and/or blind regardless of location or financial situations and a plethora of other issues but that is the gist of our meetings. It's incredibly interesting! 

After the meeting, we flew back to Chicago. We are there for roughly 36 hours so we're exhausted. I have learned to rest all day the next day. I did go to PT though out of respect for my body. I can't forget that my body is the reason why I can achieve maximum independence. Every time I go to PT, I'm saying thank you to my body for handling the incredible amounts of stress I put on it.

The next day was my 25th birthday. It was a wonderful birthday and thank you to all who wished me well. 

Morgan, another assistant and I went to Minnesota. It was so wonderful! I saw so many people who I only see once a year. I got to see my godson, Will. He always makes me happy. When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, "EMT", or "ambulance helper". It's such a fun age and he wants to help me so it's all so fun! 

 Life is not always unicorns and butterflies. I got let go from River North Business Association. I am under the understanding that they replaced me with a team. I wish the organization well and I thank them for two years of experience and good memories. I am looking for a job. I am open to anything and am anxious to see what's next. I haven't been too chatty about it so if this is the first time you have heard of it, you're not alone! 

Let's hope for nice summer weather! 


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