Saturday, October 31, 2015

Two Stories

I live a unique life.  Sometimes, I forget how unique it is. Ms. Wojick, who’s known me since I was five years old, took me to a networking event.  I wasn’t with an assistant so this was really going to be an adventure. I was so excited!

Ms. Wojick had figured out the car and how to get me in. We drove downtown and quickly ate pizza at Water Tower Place so we had food in our stomach. We walk the three or four blocks to the event and we walk into this tiny space with 100 people in it. The table with the name tags on it had a candle on it. My wheel got caught on the bottom of the tablecloth and I knocked everything over which is one of the few things I can’t laugh off. Most readers know I have a really good sense of humor and I can usually laugh most things off; this was embarrassing. I hate the feeling of knocking things over. That was my entrance and the night just got more interesting.

We get to a place where we can actually breathe. Looking around, we realized everyone had a click and this was just an excuse to drink. I was disappointed but I wanted to see if I could network with at least someone. A few people came up to me and asked about my communication device and we did actually meet a cool woman who did social media so I might work with her in the future.

The weirdest part of the night was when a woman approached Ms. Wojick and exclaimed that she had to call her designer to see how to get the wax off her dress. I’m confused until she adds, “you knocked the tablecloth over and the candle knocked over”. At the exact same moment, my assistant who’s supposed to put me to bed texts me to tell me she’s puking. Ms. Wojick sees this text too. I look at her as if to say, I have to handle this assistant crisis, you have to handle this woman. So, I start texting all my assistants to see if anyone can come and help me with bed. The designer dress woman now wants a picture with me which I still don’t understand. Ms. Wojick and I left the event after that and started cracking up! The entire night was unbelievable and I know Ms. Wojick got an education in the life of Hannah! The week after that I went to a very different event that welcomed me with open arms…literally!

Me and Julie's twin
My best friend who passed away, Julie actually played volleyball in high school. There was a memorial game for her. I obviously wasn’t missing it for the world! So, I texted Kevin, one of Julie’s brothers and I am literally out the door and Kevin doesn’t think there’s an elevator. I said, "I’m still coming"! Monetta, my assistant and I talked about how to get me up there. We have a plan! We get to the game and sure enough,
there isn’t an elevator. Want to see determined? It is me and Julie’s family against those stairs. Monetta asked, “whose picking up Hannah”? Her oldest brother, Michael and some of her cousins picked me up and I sat in a folding chair which solicits a huge shout out to my therapists who made me gain that core strength and balance. Julie’s mom ran over with a shirt that was a copy of Julie’s jersey. I texted on my smart phone to communicate and it was just a wonderful, pink night! 

It’s just those two stories this month. Remember, I need a job…

Love you guys,

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