Sunday, January 31, 2016

Me and My Parents

Over the years of living independently, I've had the same questions about my parents and me. I quickly learned we don't fit the mold and that's OK with me. People seem to be mystified and I thought this was a good time to demystify. Here we go! 

Popular Question #1:  Do you go home on weekends? 

No. I don't go home on weekends. I go to church, go shopping, and get together with friends on the weekends. Unless it's a special occasion, I'm not going home. 

Popular Question #2: Why don't you go home more? 

I love and appreciate my family more than words could ever describe, don't ever think differently! However, when I go home, I have to go to bed because my parents want to go to bed, I have to eat because my parents are eating, and I have to exercise more. I think you get my point. The dynamics instantly change Nobody wants to go to bed when their parents do at age 25. My parents will try so hard to stay up for me and I appreciate it, but they get tired. It's fine, but if we did it every weekend, we would be crabby. After living independently for 8 years (yes, 8 years), I've certainly developed a very particular, methodical routine for bed time that they just aren't used to. Appropriately, I get teased so much for having such a detailed routine. For example, my assistants are all around my age and understand why I want facial cleanser and all that girly stuff at night but this goes over my father's head. Granted, he is very cool when we're in DC and I need my makeup put on. Finally, I stay busy and don't really have time to go home. Also, my parents are busy too!

Popular Question #3: What do your parents do? 

They are kitchen designers who own two stores in Glenview and Wilmette. Yes, this is a shameless plug! I'm extremely proud of my parents, it hasn't been easy all the time. They have beautiful stores and we seriously have the best employees. The stores have made our life so much easier because they have incredibly flexible schedules and I have an appreciation for that. David is 20 and my little brother who attends the University of Kentucky. He launched a website and business this year. Genevieve is 16 and incredible! She participated in a summer program called Hands of Peace where they bring teenagers from the Middle East to the United States and they have dialogue about their beliefs. Genevieve was forever changed by the program and she wants to go into political science. She blows my mind! They all really blow my mind! 

Popular Question #4: Do David and Genevieve help you? 
My parents and I have left that up to them but I would definitely say yes. Genevieve has no problem getting me dressed now and David will definitely help me with stairs or anything physical. 

The most important aspect of our family is that we love each other unconditionally. You will never meet a family more loving or caring. We will tease each other mercilessly! I get teased for being so lovey dovey. David and Genevieve tease me about how much I get called an inspiration. It keeps me down to earth. They will always be there to remind me I'm just living my life.  No big deal (which is the truth)! 

I think my parents are good at keeping my morals and values in check. It's funny because I will call them when I know I could be doing something stupid and most of the time they will say you know better. Those calls are few and far between but I called them this month and they steered me in the right direction. By the way, Mom and Dad, I'm so grateful for your direction. 

A former babysitter once asked my parents what went so right? Personally, I think it's that we grew up knowing we could go to them with anything and they would help. The second thing that they did right (in my eyes) is that we never were discouraged to explore our identities. For example, they really encouraged me during my confirmation in college but they also discouraged me from putting the pressure on David and Genevieve to become religious. 

I wholeheartedly thank my parents for letting us be who we all choose to be. We're extremely different which I don't think people realize, but when it comes to morals and values, we're the same because we have incredible examples!

Proud to be a Thompson, 

This post is in memory of Janet Cederquist. One of the most family oriented women we will ever know. We love you, Mrs. C!

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