Friday, September 30, 2016

An Independent Evening

It seems as if the only positive attribute associated with fall is pumpkin spice lattes or PSLs. While I choose to indulge in salted caramel mochas or SCMs, I also look forward to Elmhurst College's homecoming events. They start mid September and I enjoy them immensely. In my other apartment, I could not just walk to an event; someone had to drive me which led me to not to participate as much. It's a whole lot different this year. 

The first event was an opportunity to meet the new president of Elmhurst College. It was at a local sports bar literally across the street from my condo. I would have been the lamest person if I didn't go. Sporting a blue and white blouse and white jeans, I started the one minute walk over to the bar leaving my assistant behind. Leaving my assistant behind felt good. 

When I got there, there was a stair. This was so annoying but everybody did their best. The restaurant staff had a makeshift ramp as in a flat piece of wood. It worked and I was on the patio with a slew of fellow alumni. Nobody from my graduating class was there so I didn't suspect I would be there for long. I sat next to a guy who did something with machinery. He really lacked conversation skills. I understand talking to someone who uses a communication device is intimidating but just not that difficult. And honestly, I was way out of his league. I hope the ladder was most intimidating for him.

I spent about an hour there. I did get to meet the president of the College but I did meet his wife who I found to be lovely. I had a great time but an hour was plenty of time. After I managed my way down the makeshift ramp, I decided I didn't want to go home. I found myself going to Starbucks for the pink drink. The pink drink is a mix of Starbucks' Strawberry Acai Refresher and coconut milk, topped off with a scoop of strawberries. Needless to say, the baristas totally understand when I type out "the pink drink" instead of the description above. I get my pink drink and am still not ready to go home. 

The Jewel is all too close and I remember how much I love Reeses! I swear, my wheelchair has a mind of its own It just took me to Jewel where Reeses was buy 2 get 2 free. I'm sucked in and I stand in line. I try to contain my laughter as the woman in front of me is just buying veggies and here I am with four Reeses. I was hoping the woman in back of me would have several wine bottles but no such luck. The cashier has already been through checking me out prior to this so she knew the protocol. 

Leaving Jewel, I knew I had to go home because it was getting dark. Walking home, I was filled with glee. I had gone to an event and two stores with complete independence. What could be better than an independent everything?  


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