Saturday, April 29, 2017

Looking for the Silver Lining

It's always something! 

My main caregiver told me she was pregnant March 31st and her last day had to be June 1st. I was shocked and upset. This woman and her husband had been done with babies for a long time. All I could think was how unfair it was. 

When people who are able-bodied tell me life is full of change, I want to tell them you don't get your arms and legs swapped out every year or so, you don't get to complain. This is just about the one thing that frustrates me to my very core. It's frustrating that my apartment door should literally be a revolving door because women are constantly in and out of my life. This job is a stepping stone for most which is something I understand. I may understand it but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Right now, I can say that I found a woman my age and I think she's going to do a really phenomenal job. We're in a position where the current caregiver can spend a few days with the new caregiver. I've never had that opportunity and I know it will make life easier. Still, to quote my mother, "your world is turning upside down." Exactly Mom, exactly. 

In everything, I choose to have hope for the greater good. I have expressed to God that I'm a little more than frustrated with His timing. Usually, girls are going off to school or to the job they really worked for. I can't figure out this one. I still am completely blind to the silver lining. In the professional sense, we had two months to find another assistant, everyone is doing everything they can to help me, and my other employees have been amazing about understanding how I feel to which I am grateful. I may be confused at why this is happening and I cannot figure out the silver lining. I have faith that I will see the silver lining although it won't be on my watch-it's on His.

Stacia, thank you for an incredible 18 months! You have been my rock and I am forever grateful. You will be a fantastic mother. I can't wait to hold that precious bundle of joy!

Anyway, my website is up and running! I've taken on the task of creating a professional Facebook page. If you have Facebook, Like it here. Right now, I'm building it. Please be patient! Also, I'm looking for contractual social media work. If you know of anything, please let me know. 

Looking for the Silver Lining,

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