Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Undercover Heroes

My wheelchair has the ability to go to standing. It's an amazing feature that I genuinely appreciate. When it does not work, I am stuck on relying on people to stand me up. That was the case for the past month.

The first trip to the wheelchair repair place took two and a half hours simply to find out we had to order a new part.

During the following days, I made sure the part I needed was going to be there by Friday.

I went to the repair place on Friday. It took five hours to install. I am just sitting in my wheelchair while the guys install the part. It was as boring as watching paint dry. After five hours, we were pretty sure it was good to go.

Over the weekend, I knew something was really wrong because it would change speeds while driving which was terrifying. None of it made sense. I was as frustrated as a bird without wings.

I went back in on Tuesday. I bring my laptop, my book, my Starbucks, and I make myself at home in the staff kitchen. At this point, I have the receptionist's personal cell number; anyone who has a problem with me in the kitchen can take it to ANYONE who knows I spent at least 10 hours here last week. The staff put me in a wheelchair that had a joystick on the right side and I did my thing. I mean there has to be some perks of using a wheelchair since I was six years old. 

The guys that actually do the repairs are wonderful! They are extremely respectful of the fact that this wheelchair is your life line. A lot of people relate my wheelchair to a car. It isn't. This is my legs. That metaphor should be outlawed. With Uber and Lyft, people who are able-bodied can still have a life and get places, I can't do that. Anyway, I wanted to highlight the fact that wheelchair repair guys are undercover heroes. 

After that, my seat belt in my car broke so that was a hassle. After that, the strap on my orthotic broke. It's been that type of month. 

I’m glad it’s over. However, I do thank God to live in a country where places such as National Seating and Mobility, Scheck & Siress, and Mobility Works exist and practice empathy. I just hope I don’t need to go to these places for a long time!

Look for the undercover heroes in your life!


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