Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cherish the Ordinary

We take "our normal" for granted. Here are some moments that happened that were simple gifts. 

One of the professors that's in the Student Engagement Committee asked me if the Starbucks cup worked in the Keurig machine. I said, "I don't know". "Hannah, I'm going to try; I'm sure it will be fine". When the meeting started, it started raining coffee on the counter. After some heckling from fellow professors, he cleaned up the counter and successfully made a cup of coffee. It's an ordinary and funny moment but why not bask in the ordinary? 

When I have down time at Loyola or online classes, a fellow grad student helps set up my computer, so I can use my adaptive keyboard. At first, it was awkward but now she and I chat for a good twenty minutes while she helps me. She's so sweet and graduated from University of Kentucky like my brother will. Small world. 

My charm bracelet got caught in my sweater and three people ended up helping me be able to get unstuck. My peers feed me like it's no big deal (which it isn't) but I appreciate the humanity shown.

I've been thinking, and I believe I have the privilege of seeing the very best of humanity. I think we crave community and connection. We are made to be interdependent. Cherish relationships. We don't know what tomorrow holds. 



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