Friday, January 30, 2015


So, I have to start on a sad note. Tiffany is no longer working for me. It was sudden and neither one of us wanted it to happen. I'm heartbroken about it.

If you know the Thompson family, you know we come together and help each other. Mom was on immediately because my life had to keep going. I couldn't curl up in the fetal position and cry even though that sounded very tempting. My primary caregiver knows every single little detail of my life from tricks to putting my braces on to where I sit in meetings at work. That was gone and I couldn't control it. I hated it. I hated that she was suddenly gone. The good news is that Tiffany and I remain friends, it's important to both of us. We've e-mailed and texted and I still love that girl!

While I was going through all this, I had to choose another primary caregiver. This was difficult because my first primary caregiver, Kim, essentially fell into our laps and was amazing throughout college and the year after. Tiffany was part time and wanted Kim’s position when she left. This time, all my part time caregivers are full time students or have full time jobs. With all this emotion, not to mention upheaval in my life, I had to get my head on straight to pick a new primary caregiver. It was possibly one of the hardest things I had to do.

In the interviews, I stressed that I like to do things quickly, explained that we would do a lot in a day, and I explained I insisted on being fashionable despite the obstacles my disabilities presented, and I asked as many questions as I could possibly think of. It was hard because I couldn't compare them to a lot of former or current caregivers. I've had so many people who worked part time that it's easier to picture what our relationship will be like. With only two individuals having this position in my life, it was very difficult and I knew my decision was going to impact my life significantly.

I met with a woman named Jennifer. She was the first I interviewed. I really liked her. She was so sweet, laughed a lot, and I felt like she could do the job. I had three interviews to go but I knew Jennifer was special. I did interview another woman named Rosalyn, I am giving her part time hours. This brings me to more sad news which is Theresa has to quit in March. It's a huge loss. Theresa and Tiffany were both phenomenal and I will miss them great deal! Monetta and Lupe, don't go anywhere! Please...
In the end, I chose Jennifer. We're done with our first week and she has been dedicated to learning my routine, making sure I feel comfortable, and learning about life with Hannah.

Life with Hannah included getting news from the FCC this week; I found out that I have been chosen to sit on the Disability Advisory Committee. Frankly, I'm shocked. I applied because Jodie from the Illinois Chapter of American Pediatrics Association suggested it. I spoke for her several times and we kept in touch. It really paid off. I really only told my parents so if you didn't know, you're in the majority. I didn't think I would get the position but I did! If you want to know more about the Disability Advisory Committee, you can go here:

Before I end, a huge thank you goes out to my mother for being so dedicated and finding caregivers. Another big thank you to my current caregivers who kept me independent even though Tiffany was gone. Of course, my best friends really came through and kept me afloat. I literally was visiting Julie in the hospital and she listened to my woes. Jessi took me to dinner and Katherine texted me throughout this whole thing.

I love you, readers, you keep me going! 


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