Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Home Depot

It's never dull with Hannah! 

My DynaVox mount doesn't get much attention but it's about to make its appearance in the blog.

I looked down and groaned. My DynaVox mount was swinging side to side. As Elton John would say it was like a candle in the wind. I had been ignoring it until it couldn't be ignored. I went out to the kitchen and told Morgan, my assistant for the night. I told her we'll call dad and he can guide you through this. It had happened many times in the past so I thought it would take a few minutes to fix. Oh, I was so very wrong! 

Morgan hung up with Dad and caught on really quickly. She had to take it apart and tighten the screws inside. I've seen girls do this so I really had all the confidence in Morgan. However, she was really struggling. We both thought to call a guy. Her friend, Danny was free so she got him to come over. Danny, who is an Elmhurst College football player, struts in as if to say, "I got this".

He really tried for a good 20 minutes. These are two screws, how hard can it be? It was so hard that Danny suggested that we go to The Home Depot and get new tools. I stayed back because the mount was so pathetic. 

They come back and I am hopeful that they can get the screws out so what was behind the screws could be tightened. We're just working on getting to the issue! Danny and Morgan put their best foot forward but I could see the screw was stripped. Dad offered to come the next day. That would have been it for the night except you all know I live for Plan B.

Plan B was to take me and my pathetic mount to The Home Depot. Dad would have to go anyway. We needed a tool to get the stripped screws out. So, my pathetic mount and I roll into Home Depot. It's already a show! I have the issue all typed out. Joe, the Home Depot guy got a crash course in DynaVox mounts. Morgan takes the DynaVox completely off the chair. Hannah Thompson is spread out at the hardware store! So, Joe goes and gets the tools. Meanwhile, a crowd is forming around us and Morgan has this face like yep, this is my job. Of course, I'm natural with a crowd so I'm chilling waiting for Joe. He comes back with some extensive tools. Joe gets the screws off and finally tightens the inside. He replaces the screws and he puts my DynaVox back together. Joe is our guy!

I did go to the manager about how kind Joe was. He was outstanding and fixed my DynaVox mount. I loved that he wasn’t scared off by the scene. Trust me, I am not your the typical Home Depot customer! Also, Dad didn’t have to come out the following day.

I enjoy sharing these lighthearted stories, it's my favorite type of post. However, my heart is very heavy tonight. Julie has been in and out of the hospital for five weeks. Two days ago, her mom called me and said that Julie had to be put on a ventilator. My veins got icy and I went numb. Jennifer, my main caregiver pulled over and I shared the awful news. She was really amazing as I just bawled. I just couldn't stop crying and shaking thinking that this was it. I had to prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best. Even her mom said, "Hannah, I just don't know this time..." I'm happy to say that three days later, she is off the ventilator! It's still a very long journey to where she was. I ask you to send good thoughts, pray, pray, and pray because I know Julie feels our prayers and God hears them. This is not easy--especially for Julie. I know my readers are all over the world, PLEASE pray for Julie.

All my Love,

P.S. If you are suffering from a loved one having alzheitimers, my dear friend has a blog and a Facebook page dedicated to the cause. You can go here:

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