Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pieces Falling Together

I must start this post with gratitude. The Easter Seals race was a complete success! I walked a mile and a quarter in 56 minutes! I am extremely proud of myself. We raised over $1,000 together; that is all because of you so thank you. I genuinely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

The move to Elmhurst was successful but not without bumps. The movers were three hours late and with the condo association's rules; they had to come back the next day. It was incredibly stressful! My parents took the first day off work to help me move so they asked Margaret, my roommate and I to supervise the move on the second day. It was going fine until they showed us the bill. The bill included two days of moving instead of one day of moving. Margaret and I called Mom and she was going to call the manager and work it out. The movers left the apartment but stayed in the parking lot. Margaret left to go run errands and I am eating lunch with my assistant, Stacia. 

The police show up at my door and say you didn't pay your moving bill. The entire week had been extremely stressful so I just start crying. We call my mom and she starts crying. My mom told us to just pay them so they would go away. Stacia and I are escorted by the police downstairs. I'm still crying so Stacia is the one to go outside and pay them with my card. Mind you, I am told I physically have to be in the lobby during the exchange.

That was my move. It was with Two Men and a Truck which I do not recommend at all. That good news is that it's over! The first week here was difficult because they still didn't have the shower ready or my bathroom faucet. However, both are now in and I am so grateful! Mom and Dad remodeled the bathroom and it is the world's most accessible bathroom. I am in the downtown area so I have so much more independence! 

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation has offered me an internship. My duties will involve advocacy, research, and social media. I will start July 11th. I'm so excited to be a part of the cure!

On a sad note, Julie's brother who also has Cystic Fibrosis is in critical condition after having a seizure. I'm really scared. He is incubated at the moment. I just hope he can pull through. I ask for your prayers and positive vibes.

 I started this post with gratitude so I'll end with gratitude.  Margaret, my roommate has been a gift from God. She and I couldn't get along better and I think the world of her! We really do have something special and I would not change it for the world.

I am so grateful that things are finally falling together! This year has been really long and starting a new chapter is exactly what I've wanted for so long!

With Gratitude,

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