Thursday, June 30, 2016

Running on Coffee, Jesus, and Positive Vibes!

We were featured in our local papelr!

June was awesome! Not just because it was my birthday, it was also my family's fundraiser for Dystonia. It was at Flight Wine Bar and we had 120 people come. Every single person who came has a place in my heart. My family had never done a fundraiser before and we were deeply touched by the generosity and love shown by every guest. I was given the best birthday gift that night. Here's my speech from that night. 

First and foremost, I want to thank every single person who is here. You are critical to the fight to cure Dystonia. Don’t feel like what you can give tonight is insignificant. My neurologist literally said, if a family comes in here and gives me money, I’ll go to the lab that very same day. A cure for Dystonia is not an abstract concept for scientists.  I want to stress that this is not impossible, we are close! You all have seen Dystonia in me. It’s the brick wall between me and taking independent steps. If I could take just a few steps on my own, it would literally change my life forever. It is nothing but a burden to me. If you have not noticed, Dystonia makes me really angry. And if you know my mother and my little sister, when Thompson women are angry, we do not sit back and take it. We fight. Dystonia needs to be a page in medical history books, not the current books. And speaking of history, I want to thank Mr. Steve Herzon for hosting his first Fight Club. I am absolutely humbled by tonight. And I know long time family friend, Mrs. Elisa Boughner a spectacular artist is auctioning off a beautiful painting for this cause. Thank you to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation for being tireless warriors in this fight. Thank you to Congressman Bob Dold; he has been a champion for Dystonia.  Finally, to my family for making tonight happen. Mom has fought every fight for me, you all know it. We have both taken on this fight and we will win. Let’s have a great time tonight and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for coming.
I was crying, Mom was crying, I don't think that there was a dry eye in the place and I can say that because I was no exception. 

I did have quite the adventure just before the fundraiser. So, I'm coming back from Washington D.C. and Stacia, my assistant and I know the weather is going to get terrible. We got to the airport and asked for an earlier flight. They were already overbooked. A few hours later, we board the plane and we're delayed by a few minutes which is something I didn't think much of. 20 minutes later, we hear that we are delayed a half hour. At this point, I'm annoyed. I think I texted my parents and said, we're extremely delayed and at least an hour from taking off. My parents said update us when you know something. Basically, every 20 minutes we would hear we were still delayed. Eventually, we realize there is no way we are taking off tonight. Mom is freaking out about us getting a hotel room. Stacia and I are fairly calm about the situation. Stacia is a very cool, calm, collected person but I did want to have a hotel room booked so I am anxious. Ironically, we got the same hotel room as the previous night. We did have to wake up at 4am after going to sleep around 1am in order to catch our flight. We were both exhausted and I had the fundraiser the next day. I was running on coffee, Jesus, and positive vibes!

Happy to be Well Rested, 

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