Monday, August 1, 2016

My Independence

I am a working woman! Can we get a round of applause for that? I've been waiting a LONG time to be able to say that. As for the actual work, I'm happy. It's writing letters and researching which doctors and scientists are keeping up with their medical research. Some of these doctors clearly did not stay in neurology. I researched a doctor who had gotten a grant approved a number of years ago  for funding which is why we have to check on all these doctors to make sure they are still in neurology. This one particular doctor definitely had a career change that led him to breast augmentation. I'm just doing the research but I know that guy isn't getting funding! Honestly though, it is interesting to see the doctors and scientists who have worked 25 years and have made groundbreaking discoveries. 

More and more of my friends are getting married! It's so exciting! I went to Megan and Tony's wedding yesterday. Megan was my assistant for three years in college and her wedding was extremely small. It was 50 people so I felt honored to be invited. After the ceremony, she yells, "Hannah gets the first picture". That made me feel special. My friends (especially former assistants) know that going to a wedding or any big event is a lot for me. It’s validating when someone can appreciate my efforts. 

I would not trade the life I have for the world! I have an unwavering need to be independent. I moved to Elmhurst in June and I could tell you how to get anywhere on a sidewalk avoiding the train tracks. It's funny how we'll be driving in the car and I'll be figuring out how to independently get to our destination. For example, to get to my weekly Monday afternoon appointment, here's what I do: 

I ride to the park, have to go all the way through the park, take the three blocks to the library, physically go through the lobby of the library, and then the library shares a parking lot with the building I go in. I am amazed my brain is on alert for me to be as independent as I can. I'm always figuring out how to be more independent and the way I have to get places would frustrate the majority of people but I find it hysterical and incredibly rewarding. 

In the wake of a very broken world, I do get down and scared about our future. I don't like where we're going but the United States is the free world and I get the privilege of being independent. My independence may look different from the majority of people but I appreciate it so much more. I don't have the words for this country right now. I've read so many articles and I am glad nobody feels like they have the answer. That sense of entitlement right now would not do any good. I think it's possible that the helpless feeling we all have at the moment might help humble us in the future. Maybe not knowing the answer right now is actually a good thing.  Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.  I don’t know the answers but I have hope for this great country.


P.S. If you are wanting to do some good for people with disabilities who want to live independently, please read about a side project I’m involved in here.

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