Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No Matter What, be Kind!

As we grow familiar with the idea of an unprecedented presidency, I have grappled with how divisive our precious country is. It has saddened my heart at times and I have shed many tears.

However, the ability to be kind is not in jeopardy. No matter who sits in the Oval Office, we all have the ability to be kind. Here are some uplifting stories that have more influence on me than any political leader/ever has or will.

I was trying to pay at Starbucks and things were taking a long time. The baristas and I were ironing out our routine at this point. In a very kind way, the man behind me offered to pay for me. The barista gave him a warm smile and said, "She comes in here every day and I know she has more than enough to pay for her coffee". It meant the world to me that the barista had that sense of empathy to know I don't need my coffee paid for me. My favorite part was that everyone was kind to each other during the interaction.

When I go to the library, I have to lift the book up on the counter to check it out. This can go very smoothly or terribly. There's never an in between. The librarians will either have another librarian be my hands or the librarian helping me will come around the desk and pick up my book if it falls. In addition to this, the librarians also don't ask for my library card; they look me up on the computer instead. This small act of understanding makes everything so much easier.

At Immaculate Conception parish, the ushers know that I like to go in the communion line like everybody else. It's nice that nobody makes a big deal about it. One time, a very young boy was ministering communion. I'm going to guess he was around the age of eight. I'm thinking my situation is probably overwhelming and scary for him. He literally did not blink and he just fed me communion. It was nothing to him. It was such a good reminder that kids are the best examples of going with the flow.
I hope I warmed your heart during these cold times in our country. I love you all so much.

I'm off to D.C. in a few days for my FCC meeting.

Just Doing My Thing,

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