Thursday, December 29, 2016

This Girl Loves Elmhurst

I sent this in to The Elmhurst Independent. This letter to the editor got published. I'm flattered! 
Dear Beloved Elmhurst,
It has been a joy living here these past six months. My name is Hannah Thompson and you have seen me zooming around in my wheelchair around this grand town.
I frequent Starbucks and you all are patient with me as I type out my order on my communication device; I thank you for your patience. If you seen me struggling with a book at the library and have taken five seconds of your day to help me with those slippery little things, thank you. If you have been on the prairie path and have taken a second to see if I need a little help, thank you. If you are a young Eucharistic minister who do not blink an eye at having to place the Eucharist in my mouth, thank you. If you work at the bank and help me cash my paychecks on my own, thank you. If you are a local business owner that knows my name and takes the time to get to know me, thank you. If you are one of the crossing guards, thank you a million times over. If you are the Walgreens pharmacist or employee who makes sure my bag on my wheelchair is secure on my wheelchair, thank you. If you are a parent that has let your kid ask me a question about my disability, thank you because we have to teach them that people living with disabilities is what the norm should be .
I feel a genuine sense of acceptance in this community. While this country is divided, the kindness of this community gives me an incredible amount of hope. I love that we greet each other on the sidewalk, I love that our kids are respectful, I love how we serve the less fortunate, and I love that you have accepted me as your own.
During this season of joy and goodwill, I wanted to pause and express gratitude for seeing me and my obsession with Starbucks instead of my disability. Isn't it more joyful that way? Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings to our town! 

Readers, thank you for always encouraging me throughout the year. Your love and genuine interest in my life is constantly humbling. Thank you for reading; I truly can't believe your loyalty! 

Happy 2017,

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