Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All the Anjas of the World

Mom and I were seated in the Auditorium Theater anticipating Hillary Clinton's arrival. It was so very surreal. I couldn't believe that Secretary Clinton would be in my sight any minute. 

If I could have I would have given her a standing ovation. She graced the stage with humility, poise, and a level of grace I aspire to have one day. She conveyed that she was truly worried about the state of our country. Everyone in the crowd echoed her
Before the big moment1
sentiment. She was very humorous and kept a lighthearted tone. 

We were seated near a little girl named Anja. She has a disability and she wants to be president in 2040. Secretary Clinton took her question which was about her becoming president one day. After Secretary Clinton left, Anja and I talked as well as our moms. I hope she is reading this post because Anja's a game changer!

Women have to lift each other up right now. We have a president that thinks sexual harassment is something to be proud of. In reality, it's disgusting. He's unbelievable, a bully, and ultimately infuriating. I have women and men in my life that are actual role models and extraordinary role models at that. There people who believe in the good of humanity, people who could care less that I have a disability, people who remind me that love trumps hate. The pun is so intended.

This post is the dedicated to all the Anjas of the world. Dream big, girlfriend! 

Lift Each Other Up,

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