Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thank you to my Team!

I had my physical recently and I got a clean bill of health. I consider that a huge blessing because it takes a team. 

This is what has to happen every year to get that clean bill of health. 

Approximately, I go to 106 physical therapy sessions. I walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes, I walk in my walker, and stretch. My primary physical therapist is Joanne. I love her a lot however, she receives a lot of eye rolls from me. I love Joanne but I don't and never will like physical therapy. It's worth every minute but it can get boring! If you're a kid or teenager reading this, therapy is absolutely worth every second of it, keep going because independence is so very worth it! Don't complain, just do it! 

This year, I started having my primary assistant stretch my hamstrings and quads every day that I don't have physical therapy. My therapist notices a difference which is all that matters. 

I started occupational therapy for shoulder pain from the dystonia. My therapist is awesome about realistic expectations of exercises I can do at home. Marylu understands the quicker, the better. All my therapists understand that I need to get back to my day. 

I have committed to standing in my walker a few nights a week. This helps everything in my body. I turn on Ellen and stand for about thirty minutes. It's easy and I should be serving my body since my body is so amazing and why I can live the life I want. 

A huge thank you to Mom and Dad who were so adamant about therapy. I take the responsibility of going to therapy very seriously because of them. 

Finally, Dr. Geotz is my neurologist and manages my dystonia spectacularly. He has been a resource, support, and overall encouragement for my family and I. 

Thank you to Nurse Luci and Nurse Carmen for always being there. I certainly don't need you on a regular basis but when I do, you're there!

This is why I can dance like a nut at a wedding, this is why I can walk a mile, this is why I can go to DC and advocate, and this is why I can live independently. I'm so thankful for the dedicated people who are watching my body. 

I've mentioned a sliver of my team. You ALL contribute and I wholeheartedly appreciate it. 
Let's do it all again in 2018!


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