Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Awaiting Adventures

Hawaii was amazing! We went to a Luau which was my personal highlight. They literally throw fire at each other. I don't think my family will ever forget that. The real gift of Hawaii was how many laughs we had as a family. Goodness! At every dinner, we probably laughed for 30 minutes of each dinner. David created a new way to carry me (pictured below), it reminded me of how precious my family is.

Best brother in the world!

On a volcanic mountain top

Back home, I was so excited to get back to Loyola. I missed my group of friends and the professors. When my professor announced that he had proposed to his girlfriend, I asked for every detail. When my friends and I didn't know the teams playing in the Super Bowl, I thought to myself, these are my people. When my winter coat falls off and a random student stops and helps, I feel at home. When the librarian hugs me and thanks me for the Christmas card, I know Loyola is my home.

In 2018, I know a lot of adventures a wait. I cannot wait for engagement announcements, invitations to weddings, and maybe some babies. My friends and I are in exciting seasons of life. I'm still waiting to meet a guy but that doesn't have mean life is any less adventurous. I am doing online dating which is interesting to say the least. However, my main focus is school and service. I mentor kids in high school and the little girl I met at the Hillary Clinton event. It's so fun!

I wish you adventures and blessings in 2018!


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