Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Everyday Errands

He and I did not speak the same language, but the dry cleaner understood I was dropping off a shirt to be cleaned. "I need number", he said. I tilted my DynaVox, so he could read my phone number off my screen. We communicated even though we shouldn't have been able to. I realized recently that I can run my clothes over to the dry cleaners independently. Why not? If I can do it independently, I sure will! 

Next, I walked the twelve blocks to the AT&T store. I was going to meet Kevin, my phone guy. Kevin happens to have a little girl who happens to have a disability. I remember the first time I met Kevin. We called customer service and they asked for me to talk to them so I could confirm my identity. His response was, "no, she cannot speak". Usually, people have no idea what to say but Kevin, sounded as if he had experienced this frustration multiple times. I think on the second visit to AT&T, he told me about Maggie, his daughter. His wife and I e-mail about communication devices when she isn't being a very busy mom. As for my phone needs, Kevin will spend hours and hours with me. We're looking at all the new phones and anything new that I depend on day and night is always a challenge.

In the wake of the Florida shooting, I’ve been trying to really ask people, “how are you”? Embrace the everydayness of life. Enjoy and treasure life.

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