Monday, April 30, 2018

Tiffany & Co., Meet Hannah

You all know how deep my love for Starbucks is. It's the real deal. 

My cup holder on my wheelchair is critical in expressing my love for coffee. Recently, there's been an issue. My cup holder keeps breaking my Tiffany's charm bracelet. I know. It's a real problem. 

My cup holder has about ten places for my bracelet to get stuck and break. With the charms ranging from hearts to guardian angels, the cup holder is practically a death trap for my bracelet. It took me a while to figure out why I was breaking my bracelet every few weeks. Meanwhile, Tiffany & Co. did a wonderful job. 

I was going to Tiffany's about once a month, so customer service got to know Hannah Thompson. At first, I would make small talk and then I started explaining how my bracelet broke and why. They felt bad because this jewelry should last much more than six weeks and I was sad that my beloved bracelet kept breaking. Over the months, I started to realize I was starting to explain what my disabilities are. The dystonia was causing the bracelet to break, and my heart would break a little every time it broke. They became increasingly empathetic, not sympathetic, to my situation. I will point out that they did not charge me for replacing the clasp. Until I realized what was breaking the clasp, we had no idea.

I have ordered cup holders that are soft, and I am hoping that they work for the Starbucks baristas. It's fascinating what happens when you open up to people and how kind people will be. I know, customer service would be kind to the woman in the wheelchair, but it has turned to an authentic kindness that goes beyond the job. 

I cannot wait to get my bracelet back. I got it from my entire neighborhood on my 16th birthday. It represents everything good in my life. What a precious thing to own.

I hope you enjoyed a lighthearted story. Due to finishing finals, I was ready to write a simple story about kindness.


P.S. If Tiffany & Co. ever wants to fund raise for dystonia, I'm your girl!

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