Thursday, May 31, 2018

That's a Dad

Oh no! Why is it crooked? My DynaVox is always upright, mounted on my chair ready to use until the day is done. In the middle of the afternoon, it should be helping me order an iced tea at Starbucks or being my voice at the library. Nope! It was sideways on my mount. I didn't have an assistant around so I was left wondering what the heck was broken.

Finally, an assistant came and was able to show me what happened. One of the two smaller screws had broken. Some of the screw was inside the hole to make matters worse. I went to Home Depot and they were afraid to touch my communication device. If they drilled into it, it could screw (no punn intended) with the electronics. Who do I call? Dad.

Both of my parents have received the most interesting calls. Hannah's chair stopped working, the mount broke, the footrest just fell off, it's always an interesting call. I think the only time my siblings outdid me was when my little brother broke his nose at baseball practice. When Mom got a call from Coach Dillon that day, she knew it couldn't be good. It wasn't. Anyway, my parents have gotten a lot of interesting calls over 28 years of parenting. This call was no different. I drove home, Dad took the DynaVox into the garage, and Mom fed me dinner. Let me point out that they both were sporting Loyola sweatshirts. I was proud!

It took about two hours for Dad to fix the DynaVox. He is a miracle worker. I don't know how he manages to fix everything but he does. I'm grateful for my dad; he puts family first no matter what. He clearly treasures my mom. My parents are truly best friends; they always put their marriage first and it leads to good things. My dad will stop anything he's doing for family. That's a dad.  


Memorial Day 2018

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